Understanding the Bible: Interpreting the Word of God

Reading and understanding the Bible can be a challenge for many Christians. The text might say one thing but the way you’ve heard it contextually can mean another.

There is no one “secret” to immediately comprehending everything God wants us to know through his word. Rather, understanding the Bible comes in stages and progresses differently for everyone.

We have compiled some tips to help you on your journey to interpreting the Bible.

Ask God for Guidance

It’s only appropriate that as you embark on your adventure to learn about the word of God that you turn to God for guidance.

We regularly pray to God for guidance in our daily lives. So as you pray, ask Him to show you His will in how you interpret His words.

God works through everyone differently. He might not tell you step by step how to understand the Bible, but He’ll point you in the right direction to find your own meaning in His words.

Be Consistent

As with growing a plant from seed, we cannot expect our relationship with God to flourish unless we tend to it each day. Praying and talking to God each day will strengthen your relationship with Him and allow Him to guide you on your journey to understanding the Bible.

Consistency is a constant lesson in the Bible, which is why we must consistently practice our studies of the Bible to understand God’s will.

Be Patient

Patience is a virtue that we learn from a young age. It’s also a thematic lesson in the Bible.

Patience applies especially for teachers in the Christian faith. As Christians, we are all teachers of God’s word to someone else in our lives, and we must exercise patience when teaching others about God.

As you teach yourself about God’s word, have patience with yourself, and know you will find God’s purpose for you.

Study Different Topics

Reading the Bible in its entirety should be a goal for every Christian. It is full of rich lessons, stories, and history that are important to the foundations of Christianity.

How you decide to read the Bible is entirely up to you.

One strategy we recommend for learning about God’s message is to study the Bible and God’s lessons by topic. There are many study companions available to help you divide the Bible into lessons like love, generosity, humility, and forgiveness.

Seek Help from Others

If at some point you feel really stuck, seek help from a trusted advisor who has been through what you’re going through.

Your pastor, church leader, or Bible school teacher all seek to help you comprehend God’s word. Others in your Bible study group or even a Christian friend would be great resources to discuss your learnings with.

Your Journey to Understanding the Bible

Understanding the Bible is a journey all Christians go through as they seek to carry out God’s work in the way He sees fit.

As you study the Bible, be consistent in your studies and patient with yourself. And seek help from God and others when you get stuck.

You can find other resources on studying the Bible through our sermons page.

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