How Does Youth Bible Study Benefit Our Children?

Studying the Bible is a lifelong journey that helps you find peace, inspiration, and perspective.

The earlier you begin learning God’s word, the easier it will be to carry this with you as you get older.

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to prepare your kids with a solid foundation through youth Bible study. It’s never too early to get them started, and they can carry the lessons they learn now with them for the rest of their life.

With this in mind, use these tips and start helping your children build their faith from the ground up.

Youth Bible Study Shapes Your Children’s Mind and World View

We all walk through life with paradigms and beliefs.

Kids who are taught the Bible will be strong-minded and confident. In fact, it’s been proven that learning the Bible has psychological benefits. It can help your children become familiar with their subconscious thoughts while developing a perspective outside of themselves.

Your children will carry this solid foundation into preschool and elementary school. This way, they’ll have the tools to deal with doubt, uncertainty, and fear, leaning on the teachings of Christ as they grow and develop.

Instill the importance of studying the Bible to your children, so that they make it part of daily life. Encourage them to think of questions, which can be addressed during more formal Bible study sessions.

Your Children Learn to Apply Faith in Everyday Life

As the Bible says, “Faith without works is dead”.

When you engage your children in youth Bible study, they’ll not only learn Biblical stories. They’ll also learn how to apply them.

Quality Bible study involves taking scripture and learning to apply it. This process teaches your children faith at a young age, which aids them in their daily lives.

This way, your children will learn the power of prayer, build their spirits from the inside out and truly know that all things are possible with God.

Make sure that any youth Bible study you engage in gives your children the space to ask questions and express themselves. Bible study should always be a two-way street.

By learning the Bible in an open and comfortable setting, your children will treat faith as normal, rather than something intense and pressure-filled.

Instill The Love Of God in a Way Your Children Understand

God’s word is something that grows with you and evolves as you also grow and evolve.

By starting your children in a Bible study early, you’ll be able to explain God in an age-appropriate way. This plants a seed, which your children will eventually have the tools to water, until they form their own understandings of God, life, and faith as a whole.

Follow these tips so that you can teach your children the Bible. You may learn a little bit more about God’s word yourself in the process!

Need more inspiration or tools to get your family started? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll provide the Christian-based resources you need as you navigate this journey!

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